ICoN - Official Portal


Client Charter

We, members of staff at the Centre for Industry and Community Network or Pusat Jaringan Industri & Masyarakat (ICoN), pledge to give our commitment to provide professional, quality and effective services by:

  1. Successfully addressing each enquiry or request at the service counter in not more than 15 minutes;
  2. Providing feedback to enquiries from stakeholders in not more than three (3) working days;
  3. Connecting agencies and government departments/ industry/ community with Responsibility Centre or Pusat Tanggungjawab (PTj) in not more than (3) working days after the requests have been received from the respective agencies and government departments/ industry/ community;
  4. Communicating information to students in week 3 of each month of updated list of industries (if any) that are interested in accepting students for industrial training at their workplaces through the ICoN Portal.