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National Blue Ocean Strategy (NBOS)

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Malaysia is successfully moving towards achieving its goal of becoming an advanced nation by 2020, however, the nation’s aspirations go beyond just achieving high-income status. Malaysia wants to be a truly advanced country where people enjoy high income along with a greater level of public well-being. To achieve this, the Malaysian Government is applying the Blue Ocean Strategy principles of high impact, low cost and rapid execution to national development through National Blue Ocean Strategy (NBOS) – reference : www.nbos.gov.my 

NBOS Impact Areas (related to University) :

1. NBOS 4 – Rural Transformation Centre (RTC) 

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Rural Transformation Centre (RTCs) is established to provide new economic, social, educational opportunities and improve the quality of life of rural residents. RTCs offer skills training, microcredit and health services as well as opportunities to take part in high value-added agricultural activities.  In addition, RTCs are equipped with ICT facilities that enable rural residents to access key government services over the Internet. Most of these RTC complexes are built using existing underutilized government facilities.

 University Collaboration Initiative: 

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2. NBOS 8 – University Community Transformation Center (UCTC)

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University Community Transformation Centres (UCTCs), established on university campuses, use the intellectual and physical resources of universities to promote entrepreneurship and community welfare. UCTCs challenge the conventional wisdom that the universities’ only role is providing education. The programme not only opens up existing university resources for neighbouring communities, but also instil a spirit of community ownership and nation building among the students and faculty.
To know more about UCTC : http://www.uctc.my