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Center for Industry & Community Linkages

On 1 April 2022, Industry & Community Relations Division or Bahagian Jaringan Industri & Masyarakat (established on 15 February 2012) was rebranded as Division of Industry & Community Collaboration or Bahagian Kolaborasi Industri & Masyarakat.


Be a distinguished Centre for University-Industry-Community-Linkages


To position UMP as a champion at the frontiers of evolving challenges via sustainable industry and community engagement


15 February 2012

Industry & Community Relation Division (BJIM) was established.

15 February 2012

01 August 2015

Industry & Community Relations Division (BJIM) was upgraded to a Industry Partnership & Community Relation Department (JJIM)

15 November 2018

Industry Partnership & Community Relation Department (JJIM) changed to Centre for Industry & Community Network (ICoN)

15 November 2018

1 April 2022

Centre for Industry & Community Network (ICoN) changed to Division of Industry & Community Collaboration (ICoN)

Our History

ICoN is a Responsibility Centre or Pusat Tanggungjawab (PTj) which functions as the link connecting the academia with the industry and the community. Its establishment is seen as an entity to encourage the participation and close cooperation between the academia and the industry as well as the community which will indirectly enhance the standard of living and increase the income of members in the community while developing strategic partnership between academic institutions and the industry.

Hence, the role of ICoN is to match the knowledge/ expertise, facilities and resources within the University with the needs, aspirations and expectations of the industry and the community to create an impact that will benefit both parties. This will be done by utilising expertise, skills and resources to establish links and create relations with the industry to enhance the quality of teaching and learning, graduate employability, industrial training and also to educate and engage with the community.

Strategic university-industry-community relations have become a key agenda in developing educational policies at the university level and for the government. It is a translation of the quadruple helix model in which each of the four quadruple helix represents a synergy between the academia, the industry, the government and the community resulting in knowledge transfer and transformation to generate growth in the national key results areas.