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Industry Centre of Excellence (ICoE) is a mechanism that links education to jobs where industries cooperate with education providers in order to prepare students with the skills required in the job. Therefore, students will be able to apply the skills acquired based on the needs of the respective industrial clusters.

The concepts of ICoE driven by the anchor companies in the industry and the lead university. This collaboration is supported by a network of supply chain companies and other institutions. Through the anchor companies, ICoE focus on the involvement of SME vendors in the industry to become more competitive while the university will become a leader of the human resource supply.  

At present, UMP has five (5) ICoEs and this shows that high level of trust has been given by the government to UMP with higher number of ICoEs compared with that of other universities. This role is given to UMP as a result of the seriousness of the UMP leadership in creating a network of key cooperation and maintaining good reputation with the industry.