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The Best Industry Personality Award 2018

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26 March 2018 - Congratulations!! Dr Hari Narayanan on being awarded The Best Industry Personality Award 2018.

⭐️Appointment as Adjunct Professor at Faculty of Electrical & Electronic Engineering since September 2015.

⭐️Appointment as one of Board of Studies Member under Faculty of Industrial Management since October 2017.

⭐️200 total contact hours ( more than 80% of contact hours are for UMP) in various activities such as Co-Teaching, Public Lecture, Advisory Session and etc. Several topic covered ; Project Management, Two-Way Communication, Sig Sixma Quality, Imaging Technologies, Acoustic Engineering and etc.

⭐️4000 participants are engaged during appointed as CEO@Faculty Program

⭐️The Most Outstanding Achievement – the recipients for The Best CEO Award, The Most Visible CEO Award and The Most Active CEO Award during CEO Appreciation Night on 23rd November 2017 organized by Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) .

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